This Organization Isn’t Just Saving Dogs, They’re Saving Humans, Too

In 2015, Pit Sisters, a nonprofit dedicated to reducing the euthanasia rates of homeless dogs, took over the Teaching Animals and Inmates Life Skills (TAILS) program from another organization. Since then, the program has helped hundreds of dogs – and humans.

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Giving Your Dogs Unexpected Names Might Just Help Them Get Adopted

If you’ve happened upon our blog, our Facebook page, or read any of our books, you know that we’re all about a dog’s individual personality. It’s adoption marketing 101 to focus on a dog’s personality in your social media posts and kennel cards. But, there’s also nothing wrong with giving that dog a little personality. Continue reading

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Here’s the Good News about BSL in 2016

Breed Specific Legislation was a hot topic this year with all of the news surrounding Montreal’s BSL. Although things did not turn out as we’d all hoped with Montreal, the fight there is not over. But in the states, the fight is over for two cities – Shawnee, KS and Hubbard, IA. Why is the fight over? Because officials repealed their BSL. Continue reading

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How Ugly Sweaters, Elves, and Lots of Singing Can Help Dogs Find Homes

The winter holidays provide lots of opportunities for shelters to get creative with their adoption marketing. If you’re having trouble brainstorming some ideas, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite holiday promotion ideas to help your shelter’s dogs find homes this season. Continue reading

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One Organization and One Shelter Changed the Lives of 24 Dogs from a Hoarding Situation

Dogs Playing for Life is an organization close to our hearts, and not merely because they are one of our grantees. The non-profit mentors staff and volunteers at shelters across the country on playgroup enrichment. Continue reading

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From Shelter Dogs to Police Dogs, 5 K9s Who Saved the Day in 2016

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Our Detection Dog Program, in partnership with Universal K9, swept the internet and made headlines earlier this year when the ASPCA granted her their public service award. But, our other police detection dogs deserve some of the spotlight, too. We asked … Continue reading

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Kennel ‘Report Cards’ Help Shelter Dogs Graduate to New Homes

This is a guest post from Kristen Auerbach, Deputy Chief Animal Services Officer at Austin Animal Center.

On average, we have 250 medium and large dogs available for adoption everyday at Austin Animal Center in Austin, Texas. While this makes for a great selection of potential pooches for our adopters to choose from, it can also be overwhelming for visitors as they wander through what can feel like a vast sea of dogs. Continue reading

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4 Really Simple Ways to Get Dogs to Fly Out of Shelters and Into Homes

It can be a challenge for some shelter dogs to find homes, regardless of breed. But for ones labeled “pit bull” dogs, the challenge is even greater. Once a person gets to know a dog as an individual, they quickly see that the stigma attached to these dogs is completely false. It’s really important that shelters set their dogs up for success so that a dog’s individual personality really shines. Continue reading

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You Don’t Want to Spend Thanksgiving Alone, So Why Should a Shelter Dog?

A few weeks ago, we gave you some ideas on adoption promotions for Halloween. Now, we’re giving you an idea that your shelter can use for Thanksgiving, the winter holidays – or any holiday, really. Continue reading

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A Simple Shift in Language Can Change the Way People Feel About Adopting from Your Shelter

You’ve heard us say “all dogs are individuals,” but we also believe that all adopters are individuals. We don’t rely on blanket policies or generalizations for our dogs or our adopters. If we did that, we’d be missing out on some really great potential adopters. Continue reading

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