Casting Call for “I Am The MAJORITY” Project

2014 Note: Although this original post is from 2012, we’re always accepting new photos. If you’d like to be a part of The Majority Project, please follow the instructions below!

As scientific study and research continues to prove that “pit bull” dogs are just like any other dog, we’re now facing a different, equally challenging, hurdle: proving that “pit bull” dog owners are just like any other dog owner.

Why is it so important that we make this point? Because the false belief that only criminals and reckless people want “pit bull” dogs leads to restricted adoption policies, breed specific legislation, and other discriminatory policies.

From law makers and shelter policy makers to talk show hosts and strangers in the checkout line, the stereotype is that “good” people don’t live with “pit bull” dogs.

We know this isn’t true.

To download this poster, please visit:

In fact, we know that dogs labeled “pit bull” are one of the most popular dogs in this country, overwhelmingly owned by normal, everyday families who have value in their community.

And we no longer want to be discriminated against because of the actions of small minority of dog owners.

Now we need your help to show the world that “pit bull” dog owners are everyday people and we are the majority. Help us spread the message that responsible, loving “pit bull” dog families are the rule, not the exception.

In the coming months, we’ll be shining a spotlight on the millions of everyday “pit bull” dog families in a variety of ways.  Here’s how you can help:

1. Download and print this 8.5 x11 (standard printer paper size) POSTER

2. In the blank spot, fill in a word that describes your valued role in your community or in your family.

For example: I am a Mother, Student, Bus Driver, Business Owner, Tax Payer, Husband, Volunteer, Teacher, Voter, Coach, Homeowner, Grandma, Mentor, etc.

Be sure to write this clearly – use a fat marker – and keep it simple. One or two words will do! The point is to remind others that you make a positive contribution at home or in the world.

Tom and Amarillo

3. Gather up your family dogs, hold up the poster, and have your photo taken. If there are multiple people in your photo – such as other family members – have each individual hold up their own, personalized poster.

Christina and Pugsley

4. Email your best photo to:

Include the names of everyone in the photo, including your dogs, and your location.

5. Give your dog a treat.

Special Note to All the Pit Bull Awareness Day Event Planners: your upcoming event is a great time to ask a diverse crowd of people and dogs to participate in this perception-shifting campaign! Please consider printing out a stack of posters and participating in this photo project. The more the merrier!

Download the poster HERE.

Thank you everyone!

By sending us your photo, you agree to allow Animal Farm Foundation the right to use it in future materials, such as videos, posters, and social media sites.


About Animal Farm Foundation

Animal Farm Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to securing equal treatment and opportunity for "pit bull" dogs. For more information, visit:
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52 Responses to Casting Call for “I Am The MAJORITY” Project

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  4. Wait, this is from 2012. Is this still taking place?

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  11. tiatuenge says:

    Me and my pit bull are in! Printing our a poster for each of my family members right now. Photo to be emailed in soon:) Great work Animal Farm Foundation!!!

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  13. Can’t wait to send my picture!! I am a “pitbull” owner, supporter, lover, and foster!

  14. just sent mine, hopefully it isn’t too late!

  15. Love this campaign!! Thank you so much for coming up with such a WONDERFUL idea. ❤

    *Would love to see the word owner replaced with guardian. Be a Guardian, and not an Owner.

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  17. Mandy Rae says:

    But you know half the dogs people call pitbulls aren’t pitbulls. American Bullies aren’t pitbulls they where never bred for anything a pitbull was so why label them as such? You cant just throw something into a catagory labeled “pitbull” because they have features of a pitbull it’s just false and causes confusion.. I love the bully breeds but someone needs to shed some light on the fact that “blue” colored dogs are bullys not pits. I think a lot of people would be able to keep their dogs if the world knew the difference between the American pitbull terrier and American bully, and knew that bullys are bullys and weren’t bred for gameness or dog fighting. They are a companion breed not a working breed like the 3 pitbull breeds.

    • Hi Mandy, Our goal with this project is to show policymakers that the overwhelming majority of people who own dogs that are labeled “pit bull” (whether or not the labels are correct) are responsible, everyday, regular folks and that we no longer want to be discriminated against because of the actions of a small minority of reckless dog owners. Whether or not the breed labels that people choose to assign are correct, they still carry serious consequences for the dogs and the people who love them. Rather than debating the labels, we’re focusing our efforts on fighting discrimination, which will benefit ALL dogs- no matter what their labels (right or wrong) may be. Here’s more from our website about labeling dogs:

    • Capt R Brown says:

      Actually Mandy, the AmBully is a Pit Bull dog. They are either full bred APBTs or crosses between the APBT and AmStaff (both of which I consider the same thing since the AmStaff stems from APBT lines and was bred for different physical characteristics due to the AKC show ring).

      Blood designates what a dog is, not the purpose of it’s breeding. I don’t breed my APBT for fighting or gameness but that doesn’t make her any less APBT. I breed for correct conformation, meeting the written standard and exceptional temperament, just like the original APBTs were bred for.

      Keep in mind that the Pit Bull was orignally a Bull dog (a butcher’s dog) and is still used for hunting today. No, the AmBully can not do what it’s predecssors were bred to do because they are bred to be over-large and that will cause all kinds of problems in and of itself. But that doesnt’ make them any less the Pit Bull dogs that they are.

  18. beewitchinstitchin says:

    What a great campaign. I just emailed my photo and am looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for the coming year.

  19. Ginny Karg says:

    Each of our family members took pictures and I emailed them in last night. How will we know if you’ve used them and where will we be able to see all of the photos that you’re collecting?

    • Hi Ginny, Thanks for sending in the photos. As soon as we’re back in the offices on Monday morning, we’ll let you know if we’ve gotten your email! We’ll be using all the photos in a number of projects online and in real life throughout 2013, but we’ll be kicking things off with a fun video shortly. Look for it on our Facebook page, website, and here on the blog in the coming weeks!

  20. I Love this! Unfortunately, we lost our “pittie” mix to cancer. Otherwise I would do this in a heart beat! Sammi would have loved to sit in a lap for a “photo op”!

  21. I LOVE this!! I am so so so tired of people accusing me of being a bad parent for having “that dog” around my small kids. Can’t wait to take our picture with our sweet pitbull princess!!

  22. Awesome idea. Wishing you great success. On looking at Step #5 – do NOT give your dog a jerky treat made in China. They killed my dog. 😦

  23. Is there a deadline for submitting?

    • Hi Monica, Nope! We’re making a video right now, so if you wanted to be a part of it, submitting photos over the weekend would be great. But we’ll be accepting photos indefinitely for various “majority”-related projects in 2013!

  24. I love this! My boyfriend and I are both employees at a nursing facility. We are both respected in our field and own 2 male pit bulls. We will definitely be participating

  25. Chichen Itza says:

    I’m in! Life long advocate for pitty’s, they are my fav. Looking forward to posting

  26. indigokittyknits says:

    Reblogged this on Indigo Kitty Blogs.

  27. I’m a stay at home grandmother who cares for a 2 year old and my grandpup Champ. I’m unable to print the poster.(wish I could) . I’ve made a facebook page for Champ. Please check out the page and pictures of this beautiful, well trained and loving Pitt.

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  29. Thanks for this campaign! It made for a great event enhancer for our Pit Bull Awareness Day walk yesterday in Kansas City!

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  31. Emily Gray says:

    Very nice poster, but you might want to correct the spelling mistake on it. It’s “every day”, not “everyday.”

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  34. eksspringer says:

    Can’t wait to do this, I’m a volunteer and a child welfare caseworker, and my boyfriend is a shelter manager, now we just have to get the four fur kids and the foster to sit still for a picture…

  35. Is this limited to the United States only? 🙂

  36. cj says:

    This is wonderful! I am a teacher. And I own a deaf ‘pit bull’. When inadvertently “sign” to my students, they think it’s hilarious- “We’re not Rose! We can hear you!” I am going to find out if I can include my students in the poster with Rose… they think she’s awesome.

  37. Kristine says:

    My dog may or may not be a pit bull, we really have no idea. Some people think she is, others don’t see it at all. But I’d still like to participate and show my support for such a positive campaign!

  38. Reblogged this on notes from a dog walker and commented:

    I’m all over this. Pit Bull Families, get in on the fun and bust some stereotypes!

  39. What an awesome idea! The dog walking group I co-founded in Kansas City is doing a walk for National Pit Bull Awareness Day and we will definitely do a little photo shoot with our pit bull group members (and those without pitties who support our cause) holding these signs! Awesome!

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