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Children and Dogs: Expert Tips for Making Great Matches

How do we know when a dog is the right fit for a family with children? Is breed a good indicator of whether or not a dog will be good with kids? What do parents need to know to set … Continue reading

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Unique and Uniform: The #1 Myth that Fuels Canine Discrimination

Whenever breed restrictions or bans are proposed, those arguing for discriminatory policies rely on this false idea: that “pit bull” dogs are uniquely different from all other dogs and that they are uniform in their behavior. In other words, they mistakenly believe that “pit … Continue reading

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Recent Trends in Breed Specific Legislation: Logic Trumps Hysteria

Ever wonder if the advocates who are working hard to stop Breed Specific Legislation are making an impact? The answer is YES they are! YOU are making a difference. Here’s the proof: Since January 2012, Breed Specific Legislation is consistently … Continue reading

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